The Round Barn Banquet Centre can be divided into four separate rooms to accommodate smaller groups. We have a total seating capacity of 600 persons and each of the rooms has a capacity (depending on the layout) and size according to the chart below.




The Round Barn Banquet Centre also has a Juke Bar in the first floor of the Round Barn. This round room seats over 100 people and contains a jukebox and a semi-circle fully stocked bar.


Flip Chart with Markers $10.00 Projection Screen $25.00
Cordless Microphone $25.00 Color TV Monitor $15.00
VHS VCR $25.00 Overhead Projector $25.00
Large Screen $50.00 Dance Floor $50.00
Piano $25.00 Stage or Risers
per square
Glass Globe with Candle $2.00 Mirrors $2.00
Ficus Trees with Lights $10.00 DVD Player $25.00
Votive Holder with Candle $1.00 Glass Vase $1.00

Based upon availability, blackboards with chalk, bulletin boards, easels, podiums, and microphones are offered at no charge.

Please consult a manager regarding any displays, banners or decorations that you may use.

It is forbidden to hang any type of decoration from the chandeliers.